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Germ Free 24 Plus Hand Sanitizer 2oz. Bottle

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Noroviruses are transmitted by fecally-contaminated food or water; by person-to-person contact; and via aerosolization of the virus and subsequent contamination of surfaces. Noroviruses are the most common cause of viral gastroenteritis in humans, and affect people of all ages.

Germ Free 24 Plus Test Results 

These are the findings and results of a virucidal  efficacy test done on our active ingredient in the hand sanitizer against Feline Calicivirus (a surrogate for human Norovirus). We found it was 95.0% effective in inactivating the virus in 30 seconds and 97.7% effective inactivation after 10 minutes. This testing was done in solution, not on a dry surface test. In dry surface testing, the active is much more effective than in solutionThe latter condition applies to hand sprayed with the sanitizer.

In summary, the active has been found effective in inactivating the Norovirus.


Usage & Additional information about BioSense

The Germ Free 24 Plus Hand Sanitzer creates a barrier to protect your hands from 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Simply apply to your hands in the morning and you will be protected for 24 hours. This Hand Sanitizer will also remain on your hands through at least 10 hand washes and leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth and not oily or sticky.

Provides effective and long lasting antimicrobial action.

Bonds to the surface and forms a durable layer which is highly resistant to microbial attack.

Colorless & invisible--will not stain skin or clothing.

Unlike conventional antimicrobials, Germ Free 24 Plus, once dried, does not emit gas, leach, diffuse, migrate or otherwise leave the surface to which it has been applied.  The result is a surface with a long lasting protection against, fungi, bacteria, molds & viruses.

Low alcohol – IT WILL NOT BURN LIKE ALL OTHER ALCHOL BASE SANITIZERS!  Compared with other sanitizers which require high alcohol to remove bacteria.  Alcohol content is not enough to dry out hands but is sufficient as an antifreeze to Germ Free 24 Plus so it can be stored down to -15 degrees Farenheit.

Temperatures up to 140+ Farenheit (if left in a car in the summer heat) will not harm Germ Free 24 Plus

Can be used on dirty hands such as in emergency situations where there is no water source nor soap available to clean hands.  Apply about 3 times a day under these circumstances.

When applying to hands wipe mouth and nose with moist hands and eliminate germs around these areas.  Helpful in controling germs when children chew their nails, pick at their nose or during the cold and flu seasons with runny noses and with lots of sneezing and coughing.

Germ Free 24 plus, a remarkable hand sanitizer and skin protectant!

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